Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sewing Bees go to The Hive!

We are lucky that in Shepton we have a shop in the High Street, catering for all sorts of sewing and creative needs - The Hive.  From haberdashery, fabrics, patterns and wools, to card making materials, it stocks all sorts of useful items. There is also a sewing repair, dry-cleaning and sourcing of craft goods service. It is a real treasure trove…

Not only is The Hive a place to buy materials, it is also somewhere to socialise and learn new things, as it has a cafe and runs regular workshops. For a full list of lessons visit the website -

The coffee shop and cafe serves fine coffee, a range of speciality teas, and delicious food made on the premises. There are specials everyday and a range of scrumptious pastries and cakes. Just the right setting to meet friends and decide what goodies to buy…

Helen - Contributor

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