Wednesday, 15 December 2010

EVENTS - The Lantern Parade and Dash in the Dark

The Lantern Parade - 6:45pm on Tuesday 21st December 2010
The last paper lantern workshop is on Saturday 18th December 9am – 2pm 
Spaces will be limited so phone 01749 830 205 to book your place.  
The workshops are free and the lantern materials are only £4 each.
The lantern parade will gather at the band-stand in Collett Park at 6:45pm on Tuesday 21st December 2010, the winter solstice. The parade starts at 7pm along Park Road, down High Street to the Market Square.
In the Market Square there will be hot food from street stalls and a bar in our shop.

Visit the website Shepton Paper Lights to find our lots more!

Dash in the Dark - Tuesday 21st December 2010
A hairy-scary running race that takes place at the same time as the lantern parade.The 5½ mile route starts at the Collett Park band-stand, winds its way through Shepton’s narrow streets before heading out into the countryside – in the Dark!
After the first half mile of alleyways, the route is more or less entirely off-road; over fields, through woods, across bogs, down valleys and over hills.
The finish will be in the market square where the lantern parade will have gathered and the party begun.

The trail is marked only in ordinary plain flour, by a mystery lone runner, who sets off just 5 minutes before the race starts.  The identity of the Dark Hare is a closely guarded secret but be warned that they have been carefully selected for their extreme cunning, fearlessness and speed.  Any runner able to catch the Dark Hare before the finish will claim a share in a £50 cash prize.
This race is not for the faint-hearted and entry is by invitation only but if you think you are up for it, then get in touch.  The entry fee is £5.
Race Times:
Registration 18:20
Dark Hare leaves: 18:55
Race Start: 19:00
Visit Dash in the Dark website for more information

Some wonderful creative ideas for events!

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