Friday, 22 March 2013

12 Market Place during the Filming of Turn Back Time

Take a look back at 12, Market Place Shepton Mallet during the filming of Turn Back time and remember the wonderful spirit and energy the filming created in the town. 12, Market Place was the Butchers until the 1960's when it became a hardware store and finally a corner shop in the 1970's. In real time it has been Pickwick's Cafe which closed several years ago and has remained empty.
 12, Market Place - Victorian
 12, Market Place - Victorian
 12, Market Place - Edwardian
 12, Market Place - Edwardian
 12, Market Place - 1930s 
 12, Market Place - 1940s wartime
 12, Market Place - 1950s / 60s
12, Market Place - 1970s
 12, Market Place after the filming - 2010 to date
In 2013 it will become home to No21 Vintage & Interiorsa second outlet to accompany their presence in the new Home-ware showroom at Kilver Court. The doors to 12 Market Place will be open this Saturday and the shop should be fully up and running by Easter Friday. There will be Vintage clothing, Accessories and Interiors.

P.s No21 Interiors shop at 21 Town Street will not be empty, news about the new owners will follow!


  1. Good Luck Belinda and Wayne - Can't wait to see you open next weekend :)
    Niki x

  2. Thank you Niki We will have the doors open to passers by this weekend - Wayne will be painting the basement and I will be frantically pricing! Very excited to be your neighbour Bx