Wednesday, 1 December 2010

BBC1 Turn Back Time - Final Episode 1970's


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In this episode, it's the end of the journey for the shopkeepers and their customers as they move into the 1970s. There are two new arrivals, the Sandher family take over the general store and David Lashmar has the challenge of selling vinyl to 21st century shoppers from his 1970s record shop. A '70s boutique keeps customers abreast of fashion fads and townsfolk are soon decked out in glam rock, lounge wear and punk. Amidst the explosion of popular culture the supermarket reminds everyone of the part the 1970s played in our quest for cheap food and convenient shopping. At the cornershop the Sandher kids find out just how hard their dad worked when his family left India to set up shop in Britain and they are shocked to hear his memories of the 1970s. The record shop treats the town to a Eurovision winning band performance and all the traders prepare for a Silver Jubilee street party. The town has experienced one hundred years of high street history, but will power cuts, the 1970s shopping experience and the Great British weather dampen the community spirit that has built up over the years?

The Local Shop
The popularity of the traditional local shop or "corner shop" started to dwindle in the 1970s due to the introduction of the supermarket. Many local stores now double as post offices.


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  1. Thank you for all your posts here about this series - I've enjoyed checking out your page. Once the weather clears, I'm planning to get over to Shepton to look round the newly opened shops in the wake of the BBC programme.