Thursday, 8 September 2016

'the punk faery artworks'

Sally Jacob, a local Somerset artist, is currently a Guest Maker at the One Craft Gallery in Shepton's High Street - see above.  She describes herself as a fantasy artist, whose artwork explores the darker/steampunk side of faery.  She trades under the name - the punk faery artworks.  Her paintings, prints and cards focusses on mermaids, faery creatures, fairy tales and the psychology behind them...

Sally also designs and makes unique and bespoke accessories and jewellery in her 'steampunk' style. They usually contain a combination of vintage components, found objects and her imagination! Her latest jewellery collection embraces the trend for raw gemstones and pearls mixed with cute woodland themed pieces.  Her work is for sale in the gallery until the end of October.

Helen - Contributor 

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