Monday, 11 July 2016

Skulls just wanna have fun!

Happy Mandy's are everywhere! There are five of us working from the arty bottom of Town Street, Shepton Mallet which is fast becoming 'Studio Land'.  There's Mandie with an 'ie' , also known as Amanda (oh, that's me) at Starlight Studio Art, there's artist Mandy McKenna who previously had a vintage clothes shop in town and now makes things, alongside Claire Goodman from their creative studio Lethal Postman, opposite.  Then there's Amanda the hairdresser at Flix Hair Studio which is next door to Starlight Studio Art.  New boutique IDo-Vintage, is owned by Miranda, who (just to add to fun) used to be known as Mandy but now likes to be known as Miranda, then last but not least theres Mandy with a 'y', who runs The Barber Shop diagonal to us.  

Today, I'd like to talk about this Mandy.  Not only is she a talented hair cutter and colourist but she also has her own business Fairygirl Jewellery.  As an avid collector of all kinds of beads, baubles, crystals and gems, she turns these into funky costume jewellery and can make unique, bespoke designs tailored to your requirements. Creativity obviously runs in Mandy's family as her daughter Corinne designs and carves quirky, slightly scary skulls which are used in funky displays to model the jewellery. Skulls and jewellery can be purchased directly from The Barbers Shop at 23 Town Street, BA4 5BE, where walk-in hair appointments are sometimes available

 Talking of skulls, at Starlight Studio Art, we have several collectable happy chaps hanging around.  There's a Celtic patterned Design Clinic fella from Cornwall, a slightly more Gothy gold fanged one, chewing a rose and my favourite, is rocking the neon-pirate look on a fabulous felt cushion.  
Not for the faint 'arted all this skullduggery!

Skulls designed and carved by Corinne 
available from The Barber Shop
Pre-loved Neon Pirate Skull Cushion, handmade in Somerset, 
from Starlight Studio Art
Happy skull oil painting by Mandie Stone 
at Starlight Studio Art

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