Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Guest Artists at the One Craft Gallery

The One Craft Gallery is a maker's co-operative in Shepton.  To bring in new artworks and create a constantly fresh look, there is a programme of guest artists, which I organise.  The guests stay for two months at a time and we have two at once. This month we have Craig Eyles, a potter, and Brigit Lilley, a printmaker.

Craig's sophisticated ceramic vessels are thrown from his potter's wheel in his Frome studio.  His pots are decorative and functional, with beautiful coloured glazes, and will be in the gallery until the end of August. 

Brigit lives in Shepton and makes colourful, vibrant abstract prints, of all sizes, using mainly collagraph and monoprint techniques.  They are often inspired by the landscape.  She has a range of popular card designs, based on her prints, and her artwork is around until the end of the month.  

It is a pleasure to have such lovely artworks for sale!  If anyone is interested in becoming a guest artist do contact me...  

Helen - Contributor

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