Tuesday, 7 August 2012

No21- Building Renovation

No21 Interiors

No21 at 21 Town Street (only) is officially CLOSED  until further notice due to the renovation of our building. We encouraged the renovation work by the Town Heritage Scheme. The Mad Hatters Cafe, next door will have a new facelift, and the roof on our shop is being replaced. However, we didn't envisage our shop being under a screen of orange mesh, our shop is a dark cave of dust .....therefore we decided to close and re-open when the work is complete.

We would like to thank Angela Morley (Garden Designer & horticulturist) for opening on a Thursday to help our customers with gardening queries during the Summer months. You can contact her at wwwwildgardens. Thank you for the Pilton Cider and good luck to Angela and Martin in the growth of the business. P.S loved it and I don't drink Cider!

Our main No21 Interiors showroom at Kilver Court is looked after by the team at Kilver Court, open 7 days a week, upstairs in the main shop (farm shop) We also have a small area on the ground floor where we filter some of our garden items, too heavy to carry up the stairs and have been located at our 21 Town street shop.

The renovation will take approx. 2 months. We will not open with garden conservatory items in the Winter. What shall we do? Our landlord has given us permission to sub-let the shop. Perhaps there is someone who wishes to start a small business, the rent is low. Don't forget we have been successful there..... shop of the month  in Country Homes and Gardens and invited to Kilver Court. It was a great start!

.....Or perhaps we will come up with another idea to keep our spirit alive in Town St....perhaps focus on the up and coming Christmas gift sector?

Ideas welcomed!

If you would like to contact us  info@no21.co.uk or 0778 6318923

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