Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mid Somerset Show today (Shepton Show)

A selection of photos from the show today, Sunday 19th August 2012
This year it was difficult taking photos there were crowds of people on a humid warm day. 
I'm sure the footfall had increased this year.
I arrived early, it was muddy on the paths but drying out, the sun shone in the afternoon
County living themed stalls.
Organic, fresh and hand-crafted
Bread & Cheese
Continental foods mix with local 
Traditional brands of cider featured at the show, including the new Pilton Cider.
Traditional country craftsmanship
Wood turning, thatching, spinning
Birds of Prey demonstrations
Children participated  as the beautiful white barn owl flew silently across their heads
The crowds increased throughout the day
The horses paraded  
The sheep and the children took centre stage
 The prize winning sheep at the end of the show.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the yearly Mid Somerset Show.

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