Thursday, 21 April 2011

A highly creative destination!

No21 our little shop

We are posting this article due to the amount of people asking if we are keeping our shop in Shepton Mallet town, now that we have a showroom at  Kilver Court. To confirm; YES we are keeping our little shop at 21 Town Street in Shepton Mallet Somerset UK in fact we are encouraging other like minded businesses to join us in the town to make it a highly creative destination for Interiors, Antiques, Vintage and Artisan....with (of course) lovely places to eat and relax. 

We have recently been networking and marketing the town to like minded businesses. The response has been very positive.We have been looking for independent shops to make a stand against: throwaway society and commercialism and think of the future! A few more shops following this ethic will define Shepton Mallet as a destination offering something completely different from the large retail parks and branded outlets. Already there are 8 shops in the town (and four within walking distance) that define this principle; we welcome you to visit to guide you to these unique little shops” .....more shops will be added soon! watch this space !


  1. Hi B,
    Congratulations - A little bird tells me that things are going well for you with your additional space at Kilver Court...I hope it will bring extra trade to your beautiful little shop too - You deserve it.

    I also wanted to say that it was down to you and Wayne that I decided to open my little shop in Shepton Town Centre. Having been on the Market Place now for over a year, and having got to know you better too, it has not been a decision I have regretted. It is my hope also, that the town can build on its creative feel, which has the potential to encourage visitors from outside the area, who will in turn use the other shops and tourist attractions within the town.

    Can't wait to welcome more new businesses this year!
    Niki :)

  2. Thank you for your comments Niki .....and a credit to you as Nostalgia at No1 in Market Place is the perfect example of the type of creative, inspiring shop we want to attract to the town No21x