Thursday, 20 January 2011

BBC Turn Back Time - The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar from the 1960s series (1950s, early 1960s) of  Turn Back Time has been left in tact (Not all props are available and some of the fixtures were staged for the filming) It remains as an opportunity for a business as a ready made marketing package similar to Woo Hoo Vintage which is now open as a concept.

In Soho NYC you can find similar concepts open today. There is also Shakeaway in Bath, who always appears busy, children and teens love the concept. They make milk shakes fun with an assortment of goodies and ice cream to mix in, in fact it looks like a sweet shop. Healthy options with fresh fruit are available and smoothies.

Personally I would love to go somewhere to buy my dose of five fruits for the day!
If a milk bar isn't taken as an option, it is a prime site on the High Street very close to Market Place, next door to the new barbers, Minskys

Does anyone have the vision? There is clearly a gap in the market for something that other shops and large retail outlets don't offer. I would aim for the young and combine it with an Internet facility. Use the past to inspire but take it into the future!

Turn Back Time to influence The Future 

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  1. Hi B,
    If I could tear myself in two, I would love to take on the milk bar's fab and I do believe is a viable business. Lets hope someone can see its potential...