Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Shepton 21 Facelift scheme

The 1970's reshaped the market square, the Academy clock tower remains today but look at the tranformation of the building (left of the tower) now a Georgian looking facade.

By Coxley Developments / Joe Lee Construction


  1. Hello Belinda,
    It was lovely to meet you briefly today...
    I am very grateful for your advice and encouragement and am now seriously considering what we discussed! ;-))

    It sounds like you are doing some wonderful work with the Shepton 21 scheme...
    Shepton deserves better than the image it has just now - your photos in this post show what can be achieved, lets hope so much more will be done too.

    Good luck with your beautiful shop. You have some exquisite pieces.


  2. Hi Niki,
    So pleased to meet you and for your inspiring comments!. I can't take credit for what has been achieved by Shepton 21 so far, but I am pleased to start working on the opportunities ahead. Please email me, I have a telephone number for you shop@no21.co.uk Keep in touch Bx