Wednesday 15 November 2023

Art Exhibition and Cajun Food at The Art Bank

A hub for Art Exhibitions and Creatives 

RAGS - local artists' unique art on display and for sale
Thursday 16th November, 6 - 8pm

16th-25th November: Meet the Artists at the Art Bank Cafe
Shepton Mallet, Somerset UK

A new Cajun menu 
Kitchen Takeover -
every Thursday and Friday from 2nd November 6 - 8 pm

Photograph by -  Three Pot Affair

Saturday 12 August 2023

Moulettes & Friends: Xenolalia Residency


Monday 30 December 2019

Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival - Competitions

Friday 13 December 2019

Art Bank Cafe - Shepton Mallet

The Art Bank Cafe / Bar 
'Changemakers' supporting the community

Tonight they have a late bar and an awesome funky disco-ish set from DJ KayeLord of #ShangriLa. Fancy dress optional but bring your dancing shoes! Tomorrow- late-night Secret Bar!

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Saturday 16 February 2019

Shepton Snowdrop festival - 2019 This Weekend

Shepton Mallet was home to James Allen, the first person to breed
 new varieties of snowdrops from wild plants 'the Snowdrop King'

Sunday 21 January 2018

Shepon Mallet Snowdrop Festival 2018

Shepton Mallet was home to James Allen, the first person to breed
 new varieties of snowdrops from wild plants 'the Snowdrop King'

Saturday 2 December 2017

Shepton Mallet Lantern Festival 2017

  Saturday 23rd December
Parade starts at 6pm 
Meeting point at the Bandstand Colette Park

Music will be provided by Shepton Sings, 
Jamba de Samba and the Little Big Horns

Workshops to make lanterns click on link 

All photos from the website

For more information

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival 2018 - Competitions

Shepton Snow Drops The Poetry and photography Competitions are open. 
Your chance to win £120 

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Shepton Mallet Sunday Market

 Sunday 19th November - 10am - 3pm 
 Shepton Mallet
A selection of vintage and artisan shops will be open

Friday 3 November 2017

Shepton Mallet Viaduct

Photography Bx
The most gorgeous view of Shepton Mallet
Charlton Viaduct is a Grade 11 listed, disused railway bridge. Originally built in the 1870's, it consists of 27 arches. It can also be seen from the grounds of Kilver Court where it forms a structural backdrop to the secret gardens. 

Monday 29 May 2017

FAMILY FRIDAY - Holly & Hawthorn

 Family Friday 
2md June 2017 10.30am - 1pm
£12 per family up to 4 people, plus £2.00 for  each extra
Windsor Hills Woods

Please email for a booking form 

Photos from our first year 2012 
to celebrate 5 years of Holly & Hawthorn

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Event Calendar 2017

Collett Park Shepton Mallet Events 

Sunday 21 May 2017

Sunday Market Shepton Mallet

Thursday 30 March 2017

Local Painters Somerset

Painted in Farrow & Ball with a rustic distressed finish
Darkroom Yellow 233 by No21 Painting & Decorating

Painted Furniture for Tor Huts by No21 Painting & Decorating

Monday 20 March 2017

Shepton now has a regular Sunday Market!

Every third Sunday in the month, until further notice, we now have a Sunday Market in Shepton! Yesterday, I went to the first one, which had at least 60 stalls.  There was food, bric-a-brac, vintage, crafts and lots more.  In addition, many of the shops in Town Street, and the bottom of the High Street were open, including the one I am involved with - the One Craft Gallery.  It was so good to see Shepton full of people, having a great time, even though the weather wasn't great!  Let's hope it goes from strength to strength...

Helen - Contributor

Saturday 18 February 2017

Snowdrop Festival is here!

Shepton is awash with snowdrops as it's first Snowdrop Festival begins!  We, at the One Craft Gallery have contributed with a themed window design, which was given a special award.  We produced artwork and wares inspired by snowdrops in all sorts of mediums - see above.  Other shops and businesses have also shown solidarity with displays of their own... 

The images above and below show some of the activities which took place at the Friday Market and at Snowdrop HQ in Town Street.  It was a real education!  I never knew there were so many different varieties, each with their own name and features...

Shepton Mallet Horticultural Society, who have organised the festival, have certainly been busy.  There are colourful planters all over the town, and stencilled images on the pavements leading people to the action!  Refreshments, the results of the photographic and poetry competitions, workshops and snowdrop related stalls are all at the HQ.  In addition, a number of events have been organised.  These include, a ceremonial walk to James Allen's grave - the first person to breed snowdrops from wild varieties - to plant some snowdrops, and on Sunday, a guided snowdrop ramble through Edford Woods, 3 miles north-east of Shepton.

The festival kicked off with an opening ceremony, the town crier and a display by the suitably named rhythmic gymnastic group called The City of Bath Snowdrops!  It was great to see so many people around the Market Cross in Shepton.  Hopefully, this festival is just the start of a successful annual event for the town...

Helen - Contributor

Friday 10 February 2017

Shepton's Snowdrop Festival

This is the first year of the Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival.  It has been started to commemorate James Allen, who lived in the town, and was the first person to breed snowdrops from wild varieties. It is being run by the Shepton Mallet Horticultural Society and takes place on February 17-19.

'Dancing Snowdrops' - mixed media on board (23 x 12 inches)

Last year volunteers planted snowdrops, which have now appeared!  There are to be events and competitions sponsored by the local council and businesses.  At the One Craft Gallery, we are doing a special 'snowdrop' window design next week. In celebration, I have done a mixed media artwork, entitled 'Dancing Snowdrops' - the photographs above show close-up detail, as well as the completed picture.

Helen - Contributor

Monday 12 December 2016

Exhibition Includes Nice Angels!

There is an exhibition of painting and sculpture, by Derek Nice and Elizabeth Hand, currently on at Wells Museum called 'Sacred Places & Divine Fragments'.  It is on until December 17th and includes these beautiful angels pictured above, which are made out of recycled materials by Derek Nice.  Some are hung in the bay window of the museum which overlooks Wells Cathedral.  

Elizabeth Hand's fascinating abstracts contain a variety of textures and distressed surfaces, and are full of symbolism and interest (see left).

Helen - Contributor

Thursday 24 November 2016

New Market for Shepton Mallet

Last Sunday, Shepton was teeming with people at a new market taking place around the Market Place.  Named as a Christmas Special, it was organised by Helen Reader, who hopes that a Sunday market, once a month, will become a regular event.

It was opened by the Town Crier and there was a large variety of stalls, including food, crafts, flowers, gifts, fashion etc. Many of the shops in the High Street and Town Street were also open, including the One Craft Gallery, which I am involved with.  I was serving in the shop and it was wonderful to see so many people coming in and buying!

We were lucky that the weather stayed fine and there was such a warm and friendly atmosphere - it was a great success and a  fantastic start to the Christmas festivities...

Helen - Contributor

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Abstracts by Angela Charles

I didn't get to as many studios as I would have like during Somerset Open Studios, but I really enjoyed the visits I did make!  The artist, whose work you can see above and below, is Angela Charles.  I went to her delightful home and studio in Crewkerne.

The paintings are in response to the dramatic coastline of the South West - the landscape, light and the sea.  Angela takes regular trips there in her camper van and does pen sketches and writes notes about the location on that particular occasion.

Back at her studio these are interpreted into paintings, which may bear little resemblance to the original sketch, but retains her feelings of being there.  She works in layers of acrylic paint on spray-primed aluminium or wooden boards.  Areas of frantic mark making, contrast with smooth calm sections, giving her wonderful work a sense of peace as well as intensity.

Helen - Contributor

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Heritage Courtyard Studios

Another day, another visit to some art, listed in the Somerset Open Studios booklet!  This time I went into the heart of Wells to the Heritage Courtyard Studios, which is a collection of nine artists studios and exhibition space.  The work is varied and exciting and has something for everybody's taste and budget.  The photos above give you a sample.

The artist, who was kind enough to let me photograph her in her studio space, was Rebecca Barnard.  She is predominately a landscape painter in oils but is experimenting in mixed media.  Her paintings were full of wonderful colour and atmosphere.  Another venue well worth a visit!

Helen - Contributor

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Somerset Open Studios 2016 - Derek Nice

On Sunday I went to the studio of artist, Derek Nice - see above.  It was open as part of Somerset Open Studios.  I have loved his work for many years and have one hanging on my wall at home!  I discovered, via the brochure, that he had moved to Wells so it was easy for me to visit...

His work is influenced by maritime, archaeological themes, myths and legends.  He collects old bits of weathered wood from boatyards and beaches.  He creates works that evoke the sea, out of materials that have been formed by it.  His intention is to find the essence of sea-going life, not the literal interpretation of the subject.  As well as sculptures and assemblages, he also produces beautiful, colourful, collages and paintings, often incorporating text.

The above pictures show his delightful garden, complete with Shepherd's Hut and sculptures.  Also shown are a selection of his latest subject matter - angels.   As many people love and believe in guardian angels, he hopes that his, made from reclaimed wood, will spread a bit of happiness! 

Well worth a visit...

Helen - Contributor

Thursday 8 September 2016

'the punk faery artworks'

Sally Jacob, a local Somerset artist, is currently a Guest Maker at the One Craft Gallery in Shepton's High Street - see above.  She describes herself as a fantasy artist, whose artwork explores the darker/steampunk side of faery.  She trades under the name - the punk faery artworks.  Her paintings, prints and cards focusses on mermaids, faery creatures, fairy tales and the psychology behind them...

Sally also designs and makes unique and bespoke accessories and jewellery in her 'steampunk' style. They usually contain a combination of vintage components, found objects and her imagination! Her latest jewellery collection embraces the trend for raw gemstones and pearls mixed with cute woodland themed pieces.  Her work is for sale in the gallery until the end of October.

Helen - Contributor