Friday, 1 July 2016

A New Contributor - Blog Author

I have answered the call for some contributors to this blog!  My name is Helen Thompson, a mixed media artist, who lives in Shepton Mallet.  I love my town and would like to encourage more people to visit and support it's small businesses, independent shops and creative people...

I already have a shared blog which shows the delights of walking in and around Shepton - The photograph above shows me on an early morning walk on high ground, overlooking Shepton.  You can just see Glastonbury Tor in the background!  I also have my own blog to showcase my artwork and the One Craft Gallery, which is a makers' co-operative that I belong to, situated in the centre of town.  If you have an event coming up, or an interesting story to tell, and maybe some photographs, do contact me - details are on my blog - It doesn't have to be just in Shepton, as I shall be looking at creative people and happenings around Somerset... 

HMT Mixed Media Artist


  1. Helen, wonderful to introduce you as a regular contributor / Blog Author for A Town in Somerset.Looking forward to reading your features.

  2. Look forward to reading your posts! We took a trip up to Shepton Mallet's antique fair last month, but didn't venture into the town itself, although we did visit Frome, which I absolutely loved! Sharon x

  3. Hi Sharon, yes Frome is great - a lot going on there at the moment! We are trying to get more people to visit Shepton! I shall be writing about the attractions in forthcoming posts. For instance, next door to the One Craft Gallery, which I am involved, with is Custard Pudding - a tearoom and art gallery which has just set up a flower shop in the basement!