Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Hauntings of Nancy Camel - Rehearsal Scenes


These kids are about to blow the place up. 

Meet the two of the cast of 2013 who have been put to the test and have started shooting 
the rehearsal scenes for the Nancy Camel Film

From day one, they knew that casting their friends as the main roles, some with no acting experience may be a challenge, especially now the film is growing and growing 
and expectations are rising. They were very nervous about the first shoot.

Stew and Kris left the cast with the camera and were pleasantly surprised .....In one part of the video, two of the characters are having an argument. They seriously had to question whether they were actually arguing or not, it was very believable and sounded so familiar (they always argue). 

For the full update and the argument.....

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