Friday, 10 February 2017

Shepton's Snowdrop Festival

This is the first year of the Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival.  It has been started to commemorate James Allen, who lived in the town, and was the first person to breed snowdrops from wild varieties. It is being run by the Shepton Mallet Horticultural Society and takes place on February 17-19.

'Dancing Snowdrops' - mixed media on board (23 x 12 inches)

Last year volunteers planted snowdrops, which have now appeared!  There are to be events and competitions sponsored by the local council and businesses.  At the One Craft Gallery, we are doing a special 'snowdrop' window design next week. In celebration, I have done a mixed media artwork, entitled 'Dancing Snowdrops' - the photographs above show close-up detail, as well as the completed picture.

Helen - Contributor

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