Thursday, 22 May 2014

Forest School in Shepton Mallet

Did you know there was a forest school in Shepton Mallet? The development of Forest School began in Britain in the mid-1990's; it is based on a Scandinavian idea that considers children’s contact with nature to be extremely important to their development. Children are stimulated and intrigued by outdoor environments, this taps into a child’s natural curiosity. Playing in natural environments stimulates, creative and imaginative play. 
Research has shown that it also encourages motivation, increases self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief, helps development of communication & language skills, encourages team building skills and gives ownership and pride in the local environment and respect for natural environments.
Outdoor activity also also increases brain functions.  

 Kaye Watts is the Forest School leader, if you have ever had the pleasure of her guidance on the wonderful forest walks in Shepton Mallet you will be inspired, her knowledge of nature and the environment is so rewarding.
Forest School Leader Kay Watts.
Tel: 07963078024 Email:

Technology has changed children's outlook on life
....put a little bit of the real world back into their lives!

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COMMENTS from parents; My son thoroughly enjoyed forest school in the holidays. It gave him the opportunity to do a lot of activities he would not normally do ie den building, cooking on a open fire, treasure hunts, making tools out of sticks. There was even the chance to interact with some farm animals. He is looking forward to the next forest school. Would highly recommend this to any child.
Had a fantastic time at Forest School. He loved the den building and my daughter loved cooking over the camp fire. Thank you for providing such a great day for them with so many outdoor activities. They would love to come again, whether it is on Saturdays or during the half term holiday.

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