Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bridgeman Ltd - Renovation of Sales House

Sales House today owned by Bridgeman Ltd pictures taken April 2014

Bridgeman Ltd bought Sales House from the Housing Association. The flats were in disrepair and had been boarded up, leaving the house derelict. 

Owned by the Housing Association - Pictures taken in 2011 
Owned by the Housing Association - Pictures taken in 2011 

Work has progressed over the last two years and the building is in the final stages of the renovation

The early Georgian Convent has been divided into three large apartments. 2014 
Three flights of stairs were renovated in the hallway. Hundreds of spindles were hand crafted to replicate the original ( you can imagine how much they cost)
Converted from flats to four, three story houses.The dye house is nearly completed.
Wonderful views across the grounds

We wish the Bridgeman family all the best with their bid tomorrow for HMS Prison Shepton Mallet and hope they save another historic building.

.....Here's a preview of what Sales House was like inside before they started work. Shocking! 
I hope the Housing Association don't buy the Prison!

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