Friday, 24 August 2012

No21 Vintage on My High.St

Yesterday, I had a meeting with Kirsten and Niki from My High St. ....the new on-line shopping concept supporting the High St, as soon as I got home I uploaded our No21 Vintage shop. 

No21 Vintage is currently under the Nationwide category.To gain presence in Shepton Mallet they need from 5-10 shops to partake. There are NO upfront fees so it is a perfect platform to tell people you are out there and encourage them to visit the real high street. 

You will need to allow 14% on your goods when an item is sold, they pay the credit card fees etc. Don't forget you can be selective and run your higher margin products on-line, it is a small cost if you don't have funding for your own website.

Retail is changing! 

If there is anyone in Shepton Mallet interested in the scheme contact

If you would like advice from someone who has used the site, first hand contact
 Belinda from No21 Vintage on-line 07825 910536 or email

To visit click on logo

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