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Kilver Court ......wish wish wish report

A Trip to Kilver Court August 17th, 2011

My Favourite Bit of Town.

My small town in the middle of Somerset isn’t exactly well known as a shopping destination. In fact, quite the opposite – it was part of a BBC series about the deteriorating British high-street earlier this year.  But thankfully, there are a handful of people trying to change that – including a man I was lucky enough to meet a few weeks ago – Roger Saul. You may know him as the founder of Mulberry (!!!). He’s no longer involved with the company that began not too far from my home 40 years ago, but has turned his hand to fashion once again by opening up a designer outlet just a few paces away from the Mulberry Factory shop that you’ve heard me rattle on about time and time again!
So, my mum had an afternoon off and we decided to make our way up to have a snoop around, so I could compile some sort of review. Not before stopping at my favourite place to get a bite to eat first though – the cafe at Kilver Court. I’d like to say the leafy green plate above was mine, but I settled for a far less healthy (but no less yummy) sausage sandwich.
I might sound like I work for the Shepton Mallet tourist board, but it really is worth a visit if you’re holidaying in the area or live close by. Attached to the cafe is a farm shop selling the most amazing organic products, above that is an antique interiors shop, and around the corner are the beautiful gardens that I’vetaken pictures in before.

The Designer Emporium

So like I assumed, the brands on sale at Kilver Court were rather more ‘mumsy’ than my usual favourites, which totally makes sense for the demographic. That didn’t stop me finding a peter-pan collared (I know! I know!) dress by Cabbages & Roses – I was close to buying it (down to £30!) but it was a wee bit too short for my liking. Oh, and how nice are those Beatrix Ong shoes?!
I was pleasantly surprised when I realised they also had a section dedicated to design-based products, as well as a rail of very reasonably priced vintage clothing too by No21. I can see that I’ll be making many return trips before I head back to London!
And talking of London – despite living there for the majority of the year where I can visit any designer shop or cafe imaginable, there is something special about being able to do it in my hometown. It’s so typically Somerset as well – you can smell apples from the cider factory just opposite when you’re outside!
If you’re at all interested in visiting, or want to know more then make sure to take a look at the website. Plus, if you come any time soon, they had the most amazing selection of Mulberry Alexas in the factory shop this afternoon ; )
It may sound like I’ve been bribed or was shuttled to the outlet in some sort of luxury vehicle to warrant such a positive review, but I can assure you I walked there myself in the rain – although, mum did pay for my sausage sarnie! x

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  1. You have made me want to visit and as I live not far away I can! Thanks for reminding me.