Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Antiques, interiors, home & garden @ KILVER COURT

..... together with the new 'designer emporium' which will be launched weekend 23rd July Kilver Court

Sauls Design embodies the greenest of sustainable philosophy, upcycling is the hottest current trend in furniture.  Roger Saul has designed tables combining rescued vintage wooden boards with modern steelwork frames.
Freddie Saul, Roger’s son, has made the tables from parana pine cheese boards, bearing the shadow of the round cheeses that have rested on them for years. Other tables use oak flooring as coffee table surfaces, desks and dining tables.

No21 Interior Antiques have an eclectic choice of English and French style furniture, up-cycled lighting, chandeliers and decorative antiques. They also have introduced a new product range for the home and garden which reflects our nostalgic past.
A new on-line shop is now open and is soon to include a vintage boutique www.no21.co.uk

Robert Mills specialise in architectural antiques from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 
Over the last twenty years we have saved thousands of fabulous items from old mansions, redundant churches, Victorian banks, and other demolished public buildings from all over the British Isles. Panelled rooms, old pub interiors, shop fittings, magnificent doorways, stained glass windows and other architectural structures are carefully dismantled by our own team of craftsmen. 

To find out more enter www.KILVER COURT.com

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