Monday, 13 December 2010

BBC Turn Back Time - Window dressing

Ray and Maria Pett have finished their last window display for No 4 High Street (near Market Place) to represent the series of Turn Back Time. For six episodes they dressed the window to reflect the appropriate era with a wonderful display of costume, furniture and props . A big thank you to Ray and Maria (featured in the series) for generously devoting their time to promote the town and to the owners of the shop Pat & Tina Bridgeman

Our 'Market Cross birdie' has informed us that No4 High Street is now being negotiated for lease! One more to add to the list!
We will keep you posted


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  1. Hi B,
    Ray and Maria did a wonderful job with the series of windows and are to be congratulated for their efforts...they took so much care to get each window right.
    I do hope perhaps a permanent display will be put together to reflect all the eras in the series...I'm sure there would be plenty of offers of items to include. It would be lovely to see displays alongside some photos taken during the filming perhaps? Great for locals and visitors to the town alike.

    Exciting re: No.4!