Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ramseys' Best Restaurant and BBC Turn Back Time

Two TV programmes parallel the same message! 
The message about service, quality, hard work and passion came through as a strong message in the Edwardian series of Turn Back Time.
This message paralleled in Ramsey's Best Restaurant. I must congratulate Casamia (from Bristol) for winning Ramsey's Best Restaurant last night.
I speak of Jonray + Peter in high regard for having the drive and a passion for perfection in their product. But it is the creative edge, the confidence to break the rules that stand them out from the crowd.   
"Gordon Ramsey mentioned so many times the customer is number one" and so did the Edwardian's in Turn Back Time
Apply this philosophy to your business and you too could achieve a centre of excellence. I feel it is time to break the rules, fight against consumerism and head towards quality over mass production. I am sure there will be a strong message at the end of the series of Turn Back Time 'The high Street'
Also congratulations to John and Rosie 'Darkwater Design' who use the same principles in their design work and are supporting Casamia in their transition.

 Jonray & Peter Casamia

  View the Edwardian series of BBC Turn Back Time 'The High STreet'


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