Saturday, 6 November 2010

BBc Turn Back Time. What the critics say

The programme Turn Back Time received a mixed reaction from the press. With 5.4 million viewers the test will be a 'public decision' following the response to next Tuesday’s 'Edwardian' episode. We will all be watching in Shepton Mallet. However it is also the final of Ramsey's Best Restaurant.....A personal good luck to Michelin-starred Casamia from Bristol. Love their website by Darkwater No21x

I am featuring the article by 'Stand Up 4 Shepton'  What the Critics Say…


  The Observer - Phil Hogan    10/10
I enjoyed Turn Back Time – The High Street, which took four shopkeepers and sent them to live in 1870… Fabulous. Next up, snooty Edwardians.
Phil Hogan, The Observer
  Daily Telegraph - John Preston    9/10
“…as fascinating as it was pertinent.”
John Preston, Daily Telegraph
  The Independent - Tom Sutcliffe    7/10   
“I suspect that its contribution to the revitalisation of Shepton Mallet will be minimal, roughly the equivalent of running 100 volts through a dead frog’s leg and getting it to twitch fitfully – but as an entry-level history lesson it’s quite fun.”
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent
  The Guardian - Lucy Mangan    4/10
“It is an enjoyable enough programme but every scene is a myriad of missed opportunities.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

  TV Pixie - Liam Tucker    6/10
“This looked, at first, like quite a tedious and predictable watch, but was made absorbing by strong historical fact-checks, nice, slow-paced editing and participants who were all thoroughly likable.”
Liam Tucker, TV Pixie
  Metro    2/10 
“Little more than a period freak show…  a missed opportunity.”
  Monsters and Critics - Ian Cullen    10/10
“This is the kind of reality television that I’ll always gravitate toward. Unlike the shallow pursuit of Big Brother, which lacks substance. This type of show will always entertain and educate.”
Ian Cullen, Monsters and Critics
  The Scotman & Yorkshire Post - Paul Whitelaw    3/10
“Dull, formulaic and unimaginative, the programme took a pre-existing format and did nothing with it beyond the spurious addition of a panel of judges…”
Paul Whitelaw, The Scotsman
  The Mirror - Jane Simon    5/10

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