Wednesday, 3 November 2010

News BBC Turn Back Time - Ratings open with 5.3 million

TV ratings – 2 November 
BBC1 timeshift documentary beats climax to ITV1's celebrity reality show 71 Degrees North

BBC1's new timeshift documentary series, Turn Back Time: The High Street, began with more than 5.3 million viewers, beating the climax to ITV1's celebrity reality show, 71 Degrees North, last night, Tuesday 2 November.

Turn Back Time debuted with an average of 5.361 million viewers, a 21.9% share, between 9pm and 10pm on BBC1. 71 Degrees North came to the end of its eight-part run with 3.521 million viewers, a 14.4% share, at the same time on ITV1.

Gordon Ramsay's latest Channel 4 vehicle, Ramsay's Best Restaurant, continues to perform disappointingly with just 1.163 million viewers, a 5.7% share, between 9pm and 11.05pm, with another 141,000 on Channel 4+1.


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  1. Was there any doubt?!!
    Well done to 'Wall to Wall' and the lovely families've created a 'must watch'!
    Niki x