Tuesday, 16 November 2010

BBC One -Turn Back Time - World War Two

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Next Tuesday, 21:00 on BBC One


A group of modern shopkeepers and their families are on the journey of a lifetime - they're taking over empty shops in a neglected market square in Shepton Mallet to see if they can turn back time for the British High Street. They'll live and trade through six key eras of history, and in this episode the shopkeepers and their customers are plunged into World War Two.
For the first time profit isn't everything, as the shopkeepers find themselves dealing with rationing, promoting make do and mend, and trying to persuade an entire town to pull together as it would have done sixty years ago.
The grocer family struggle with wartime rules and regulations, and customers have to decide whether to stick to rations or to buy from the black market. The bakers feed the town from their British restaurant, while the butcher promotes mutton to modern shoppers. The dressmaker and the blacksmith convince the town of the benefits of 1940s style recycling.
But shortages, an air raid and hungry customers all take their toll; will they keep the town onside in the run up to the VE day celebrations at the end of the week?

Photo: Gas mask

Every British person was issued with a gas mask in case of a poison gas attack; everyone had to carry these masks with them at all times.

Photo: Chicken little

The bakers find time to tend to their chickens.

Photo: Ration Nation

The rationing of clothing in Britain during the war meant many people had to be creative with what they had - patches were sown onto the elbows of jackets and jumpers, which then became quite a fashionable look.
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