Thursday, 30 September 2010

'Postive Press' Niki 'Nostalgia at No1'

Anyone else fed up with the negative local press about Shepton Mallet ...has anyone noticed this positive press yet! Has anyone woken up to what is starting to happen in the town. Well done Niki @ Nostalgia at No1 Bath Magazine
P.S. I will add some other articles to this post shortly to remind everyone of the creative undercurrent.Bx


  1. Thanks B! x

    At the beginning of this week I read the details for the proposed public meeting that took place last night. The last point on the list read: “Generally, to help market & brand the town, injecting pride & building community spirit.”

    If we all go around criticizing each other and not offering support, this will never happen. Community spirit can be achieved if we all work together. Sometimes we don’t always share the same views, but that doesn’t mean that we should tear a person down for having a different perspective on things...I was saddened by a recent article written in the local newspaper, and feel strongly about no longer buying it...Bad news sells, I guess, but it doesn’t help build community spirit. One minute (as traders), we are asked if we'd like to spend large sums of money taking out advertising space in their columns. The next minute they are criticizing the town in various articles - The one that we are supporting by having our businesses in.
    As you say, there is a creative undercurrent going on in the town. We all know who we are, and we are all supporting each other, as I am sure other groups are too. Let’s start ignoring the unhelpful and unproductive bad news merchants and start rebuilding a positive and constructive outlook.

  2. I agree that negative press can be damaging and demoralising, but I also think that our local reporter does a very good job for Shepton generally.

    She'll always help give positive publicity to an event if she can, but when there is something negative she is obliged to report it.

    I think what we need to do most of all is to make sure there's lots that's positive to report!