Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Is everyone ready! for BBC1 series in Shepton Mallet?

Congratulations to Casamia for achieving a place in the semi finals of Ramsey's Best Restaurant
I look forward to meeting JonRay & Peter. Also congratulations to Darkwater, I know how intensive it was to launch the fabulous website before the programme began.

The reason I am sharing this information about a Bristol restaurant website is to make everyone aware of the impact a TV programme can have. After the TV programme Casmia's new website had 15,000 hits in 2 hours!

Is Shepton Mallet ready when the BBC series hits prime time? do we have a 'design and marketing' concept for the town. Do we have a website portrayng the right image? What do we have? November is approaching fast! ....This has International coverage!

No21 will be ready soon with the launch of our new website, we will be ready

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  1. Good point B!!
    I was in Ashburton, Devon last week, where a Channel 4 programme was made last year in one of the small independent shops. Apparently the next day after the programme was aired, the shop and town was inundated with visitors...(The proprietor continues to promote her business as, 'As seen on Channel 4')
    The Shepton series is scheduled to run over 6 who knows what we should expect! I believe it can only be good news for the town...
    Let's hope we are all ready...
    N x