Friday, 26 March 2010

BBC1 Documentary Overview

 Copyright & Photograph by Mike Barnsley

BBC1 To feature Shepton Mallet
'The High Street'

An exciting history experiment and community project will come to Shepton Mallet. BBC1 (filmed by Wall to Wall) will feature a series about the contrast between the past and modern day shopping, where modernity meets history. It will demonstrate what we have lost and what have we gained in our shopping experience.
The series will depict a period from 1870 to 1970. Each programme will represent the following eras; Victorian, Edwardian, Interwar, Second World War, 1960s and the 1970s

Filming will take place, expected end of June to August 2010. It will centre in the Market Place utilising our shops. The Market Place and shops will be staged and dressed. Core trades will feature e.g Butchers, Bakers, Iron Monger and Grocers, filmed for five days for each period in time. We will be able to see changes that took place over the decades.

There will be a nationwide search for families who are skilled in the core trades to take part in the history experiment. They will dress in authentic costumes, work in the shops and sell products reflecting each era.

The community of Shepton Mallet will be able to purchase goods in the period shops (in modern day dress) to experience the changes. Children and those who have never experienced this style of shopping before will be encouraged to partake (managed by appointment via Mendip District Council)

There will be a focus on local trade, handicrafts, make do and mend and cookery.
The series will be interspersed with historical demonstrations, e.g. how to make Victorian sausages.

There will be Fashion, clothing, makeup and lots of exciting elements that cannot be revealed yet!
The documentary is not only exciting for Shepton Mallet but also touches on a subject that will create nationwide interest. It will start to answer questions about the future of High Street shopping.

 Filming by Wall to Wall will take place, expected end of June to August 2010
The programme will be shown on BBC1 at the end of the year (date not confirmed)

Belinda Ollis-Blackwell


  1. That all sounds so exciting, and a brilliant idea. Lizzie x

  2. Darn.....I so wish your little shop weren't so darn far away!

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