Thursday, 4 March 2010

BBC TV programme

Guest writer; Niki owner of Nostalgia at No1 Market Place

The exciting news that has had Shepton Mallet buzzing all day today, is that a major prime-time BBC TV programme is to be made during the summer, right on the Market Place. Several of the currently vacant shops will be taken over by the BBC and transformed into a butchers, bakers, grocers and dressmakers. They will document how shopping has changed over the last 140 years and will provide customers with an in depth experience of shopping through the decades.

From my point of view this is fantastic news, as my little shop is situated right on the Market Place. The filming is bound to attract interested on-lookers and extra business to the town. I feel that the risk that I have taken in opening a shop during recession, in a town at the start of rejuvenation, will be worthwhile. The fact that the BBC can see the potential here, will, I'm sure, be of huge benefit to all the small businesses of Shepton, and will go a long way to help in its future regeneration and in its attractiveness to encourage more new business to the lower end of the high street.
The story posted on my blog is taken from an article in this week's Shepton Mallet Journal - if you would like to read the full story, visit their website.

Guest writer; Niki owner of Nostalgia at No1 Market Place

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